Rural Professional Advice

Godfrey-Payton has a long history of managing Rural property and advising landowners and farmers about land. We are able to offer a wide variety of Professional advice, and with our in-depth experience, our clients are in safe hands.

Compensation – Whether it is the compulsory purchase of land for High Speed Two, a new pipeline across your land, or damage to property caused by a third party, we have a thorough understanding of statutory instruments and are able to prepare, negotiate and settle compensation claims on your behalf. Often, professional fees are covered by the opposing side so nothing is stopping you from obtaining the best advice.

Contact: Luke Clay or George Percy

Rural Finance – A long relationship with the Agricultural Mortgage Company (AMC agent – Geoff Wilson) and knowledge of other funding options, we can signpost you to the finance opportunities best suited to your needs. We advise and prepare applications for loans from the AMC.

Contact: Geoff Wilson

Farm Tenancy Agreements – The complexities of the Agricultural Holdings Act 1986 and the Agricultural Tenancies Act 1995 are familiar to us. Whether you are a Landlord or a Tenant, we can advise on; succession, notices, rent reviews, repair obligations, and dilapidations.

Contact: Philip Cowen

Contract farming – The use of contractors to farm land ‘in-hand’ is commonplace. We can advise on how best to structure agreements and prepare competitive tenders between contractors. We can prepare a management structure to ensure the contract terms are adhered to.

Contact: Harry Chichester and Geoff Wilson

Inheritance Tax – The treatment of Rural property in relation to inheritance tax is complex. There are certain reliefs available to landowners and working alongside your other professional advisors, we can help mitigate the exposure of personal estates to inheritance tax.

Contact: Alistair Graham or George Percy

Renewable Energy – We have advised landowners on the benefits and pitfalls of large-scale renewable energy development and battery storage schemes. Our advice has resulted in the development of large-scale solar farms and we are well placed to assist in navigating emerging opportunities.

Contact: George Percy

Telecoms – The mobile network relies on established infrastructure on rural property. The statutory framework for this infrastructure is complex and has been subject to change. We can advise on the complexities associated with this infrastructure.

Contact: Luke Clay or Geoff Wilson

Farm Subsidies – The farm subsidy landscape is changing with the transition from the Basic Payment Scheme to Environmental Land Management Schemes. As the new schemes emerge, we advise Clients on the decision making process to ensure farming businesses continue to get the support they need.

Contact: Edward Painter or Luke Clay

Environmental Land Management Schemes – We prepare, submit and monitor Countryside Stewardship and Sustainable Farming Incentive Schemes on behalf of farming Clients.

Contact: Edward Painter or Luke Clay