BPS - Paper by Default

Added 27/03/2015

BPS claims now need to be submitted on paper, rather than online, although claimants will still need to register on the Rural Payments System in order to receive payment. The deadline for the submission of claims has also been extended from 15 May to midnight, 15 June 2015.

After weeks of protracted negotiations, both at home and in Europe, this week the under Secretary of State, George Eustace, confirmed that paper was back for farmers in England. The blank SP5 form is now available to download on the Rural Payment Agency’s (RPA) website and it is anticipated that pre populated forms will be emailed to claimants who have registered in due course .

Also making a return is the paper RLE1 form, which allows farmers and Agents to transfer land, entitlements, make boundary changes and map ineligible features.

Geoff Wilson, Partner at Godfrey Payton says: “Although we welcome the four week extension to the submission deadline and the contingency of a paper-based system, the clock is ticking as there is a lot of work still to be done and information to gather in order to submit a claim.

“Farmers who are not yet registered on the RPA online system need to do so with urgency. We can help with that as well as the mapping, greening and EFA obligations.”

BPS - Paper by Default

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